The Zephyr Handpan manufactured in the UK by Dean Richardson & Paul Cummings.

Our Handpans are made at our workshop in Hampshire, England. Each Zephyr is built from a blank deep drawn, nitrided steel shell. From there it is completed using air/hand hammers.

Once the dimpling and shaping are complete, the top shell is rough tuned. Then both top and bottom shell are heated in the kiln to relieve stress in the metal and give it it's baked colour. The top is then tuned and baked repeatedly, until a stable tuning is achieved.

After that, both shells are polished, glued and clamped together. Once adhesive has cured, each one receives a final fine tune and after a bit of monitoring, they are ready for dispatch or to be collected.

We realise that potential buyers want as much information as possible about their Handpan. Choosing a pan is difficult!!
We have setup a Facebook Group offering more information about Zephyr Handpans.

The only way to purchase a Zephyr, is to be a member of the Facebook group.

Take a look at the videos/audio clips and do please join the group. We will be delighted to see you!

Happy handpanning!

Dean and Paul